Amazing Properties of Ionized Water


Water is known as the fluid of life and its benefits to our health are unanimously known so no other mysterious effect can impress us. That is until you discover the amazing properties of ionized water, a type of water that you obtain using a quality water ionizer like the Alkalux 2507. This device takes regular tap water and charges it with many ions in order to turn it into ionized water that has many benefits to your health.

A higher pH

The most famous property of ionized water is its high pH that makes it significantly different than the regular tap water. While most types of water in the world, including mineral, distilled, or spring waters have a pH between 6 and 7, the ionized water has a pH of over 9 which is 1,000 times more alkaline than the other types of water. This high pH allows ionized water to combat the acids in your body which cause many diseases, thus bringing huge health benefits. You can regulate your stomach reflux by drinking ionized water so you will no longer have digestion problems. If you study this Alkalux 2507 review, you will discover that this water ionizer can deliver 3 types of alkaline water and two types of acidic water. Naturally, acidic water is not for drinking, as we need our bodies to be as alkaline as possible. We all know that cancel cells flourish in acidic environments, so the best way to prevent cancer is to elevate our body’s pH level by drinking alkaline water adn by eating food with high pH levels.

More oxygen delivered to your body

The water you drink travels to your body and transports nutrients to every organ, including oxygen that is essential to maintaining the health of your body’s cells. Ionized water contains more oxygen than the regular tap water which allows it to bring more oxygen to your body’s cells. Given that oxygen is only stable in an alkaline environment, ionized alkaline water increases the amount of oxygen that get to your cells.

A better hydration

Water clusters are usually of 10 to 15 H2O molecules while alkaline water coming from the water ionizer is in clusters of 4 to 6 H2O molecules, which is significantly less than regular tap water. By containing fewer water clusters, the ionized water manages to improve the water absorption of your body so more water will get deep into your cells. This results in a better hydration that promotes an improved overall health.

An energy boost

Studies have shown that ionized water can improve your health due to a physics phenomenon involving the spinning of water molecules. In short lines, ionized water has a more positive effect on your body due to the vitality of the water molecules that add energy to your body more than the regular tap water. Many athletes drink alkaline water during their workout sessions because it increases their resistance to effort and boosts their energy levels.

A deep detoxification

Another powerful and beneficial property of ionized water is the detoxifying and anti-oxidant effect it has on your body. The pH negative charge of the water, also known as the negative ions, helps you eliminate the positive ions that oxidize your body cells. Given that the human body is filled with positive ions, when it encounters negative ions it absorbs them, thus leading to a deep detoxification.