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How Can Contaminated Water Affect Your Health

Drinking clean and pure water should become a top priority because contaminated water can seriously damage the health of those who repeatedly drink water from contaminated sources. To offer you a better understanding of the risks you are exposed to, we present you some of the most severe health problems caused by dangerous water contaminants.

Unknown Pollutants in the Tap Water

While some of the water contaminants are known by most of the people, there are some water pollutants that no one has ever thought would exist in the drinking water. This is what makes them so dangerous so we thought we would give you a warning regarding the unknown water pollutants that can threaten your health.

Amazing Properties of Ionized Water

Alkaline ionized water is a type of water that can bring many benefits to your health through its modified structure. If you want to enjoy all the amazing properties of ionized water, you should consider installing a water ionizer at home and you will have ionized water running from your tap.

How Polluted is U.S. Tap Water

The tap water we drink every day contains many contaminants that we don’t even imagine exist in the water. The exposure to all these contaminants can lead to serious health problems so it should become a top priority. This article presents how polluted the U.S. water is so you will know what to expect every time you turn on the tap.