Best Under Sink Water Filters for Pure Drinking Water


It has been demonstrated that the incoming water from our homes is infested with bacteria, chlorine, chloramine, heavy metals such as lead and mercury, and other harmful contaminants that can cause serious health problems. A good under sink filter will remove most of these contaminants so that you can consume a clean and healthy water. If you do not know what unit to choose, here are the best under sink water filters for pure drinking water, that are available on the market nowadays.

EcoWater ERO 375

One of the best thing about this device is that it features a 5-year warranty, which is a long period of time in comparison with other products that only have 2 or 3-year warranty. Moreover, the device is NSF Certified, and it can efficiently remove more than 20 contaminants. An electronic monitoring system is provided so that you can be alerted when the filters need to be replaced. This is without a doubt an incredible feature, which is actually quite useful. EcoWater ERO375 comes with 5 different styles options for a faucet. Due to the fact that it can reduce so many contaminants, this unit is highly recommended by many consumers. Therefore, you should also add it to your list if shopping for a device like this.

Watts 500313

The same as the product presented above, Watts 500313 is NSF Certified. The unit can filter up to 600 gallons, and it will easily remove odors and chlorine taste. Furthermore, benzene, simazine, atrazine, giardia and entamoeba cryptosporidium will also be efficiently removed. The device comes with a two-stage filtration so that you can be sure that your tap water will be extremely clean and fresh. The unit is perfect not only for houses but for offices and apartments as well. A clean water is essential for a proper food digestion, brain function, joint functionality, blood health and more. With Watts 500313, all these health benefits will certainly be provided to you.

Home Master TMAFC

Due to its 7 stage of filtration, this unit can remove up to 98% of chemicals. Home Master TMAFC will not only do this, but it will also add minerals for a fantastic taste. Magnesium and calcium will be added due to the patented Full Contact technology. When it comes to the filters, they are easy to change and long lasting as well. They normally need to be changed every 2000 gallons, or once a year. All in all, Home Mater TMAFC is definitely one of the best under sink water filters for pure drinking water.