How Can Contaminated Water Affect Your Health


Every time you pour a glass of tap water, you expose your health to multiple risks due to the many contaminants in it. Food poisoning due to contaminated water is a serious concern, especially in areas with a poor water system. Learning more about how regular things can make you sick will help you find better ways to protect yourself. Therefore, learning how water contaminants can affect your health will make you more aware of the risks you are exposed to by drinking contaminated water.

  • Although chlorine is widely used as a sanitizing agent that kills many bacteria in the tap water, it’s not safe for you. Besides the bad taste it gives to the water, chlorine can also irritate your eyes and nose and can cause intestinal issues. If you keep on drinking water with high levels of chlorine, you will experience nausea, diarrhea, and vomiting. Moreover, chlorine is extremely irritating to your eyes and skin and can cause rashes and irritations that worsen with every shower you take using contaminated water.
  • Lead in the drinking water is extremely dangerous as it can cause severe brain damage, especially in babies with a fragile brain that can be affected if their formula is prepared with contaminated water. Lead often comes from old water pipes used in creating the residential water systems. Although most of the pipes that contain lead have been replaced, the risk of lead contamination still remains in households with old pipes. Lead exposure results in nausea, vomiting, loss of consciousness, mobility problems, and even death.
  • Your skeletal structure can be affected by water that contains fluoride, a dangerous mineral that keeps your bones from assimilating calcium. The exposure to fluoride causes the bones to become fragile and to break. The fluoride in the water absorbs the calcium and keeps it from settling into your bones to make them stronger, which results in bone fractures. Small children and elders with delicate bones are the most prone to suffer from water contaminated with fluoride.
  • Bacterial infections caused by drinking contaminated water can have severe consequences on your health. In case you are living in an area with an insecure water source, you are exposed to many waterborne diseases caused by bacteria in the water. The most dangerous bacteria is E.Coli which can cause kidney failure and can eventually lead to death. Other bacteria can cause stomach aches, vomiting, diarrhea, and can even lead to dysentery.