Properties of Distilled Water


Distilled water undergoes a filtration process to become pure and free of contaminants. Although it’s different from filtering water, the process is easy to comprehend: the water gets converted to steam after it has been brought to a boil. Then the steam condenses into pure water by flowing through the cooling tubes. Distilled water has amazing properties and benefits, so make sure to read this article if you want to know about its properties.

No contaminants

One of the main advantages of distilled water is the elimination of pollutants, germs and bacteria found in the water. Drinking contaminated water is very dangerous, because you are exposed to many health risks, from contracting a simple allergy to different forms of cancers, especially if you are drinking contaminated water in excess. During the process of distillation, you can remove the harmful contaminants and minimize the risk of toxic buildup and illnesses.

Removing chemicals

Chlorine and fluoride are the most common chemicals found in regular tap water. These chemicals are used to treat municipal water and while they can remove dangerous contaminants, it’s not totally safe to drink water that contains chlorine. Chlorine can cause skin problems but that’s not all about it; it can also be harmful to your body. Fluoride can have adverse effects such as tooth discoloration when it’s used in large amounts. By using the distillation process you can filter out these chemicals from tap water or other water sources in your home.

Perfect complexion

If you are wondering how distilled water can help you have a perfect complexion, what you should know is that by drinking distilled water you can remove the toxins from your body and by doing so your skin looks better. You can notice the effects on your skin after just a couple of weeks of drinking pure distilled water. Your skin will look smooth, radiant and free of skin imperfections such as acne. As you probably already know, hard water can cause dry skin but it can even clog your pores. Therefore it is recommended to use a pure soap and distilled water to clean your face regularly. You can also use distilled water to rinse your hair and give it a beautiful shine.

It prevents kidney stones formation

While calcium is beneficial for our health, it can also cause some health problems, such as leading to kidney stone formation. Kidney stones can be very painful and in most cases the pain doesn’t go away until they are removed. By drinking distilled water, you can protect your health and minimize the risk of developing kitdney stones.